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Reporting the Establishment of a Special Needs Trust

We are often asked when changes in financial circumstances must be reported.  A change is defined as the establishment of a Trust when we are referring to a person receiving some sort of public benefit.   The answer depends on the program(s) the beneficiary is receiving and thus the agency to which to report.  The only common thread is that YOU MUST REPORT. For beneficiaries on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) the answer is found in POM SI 2301.005. For SSI recipients a report is due within 10 calendar days after the month in which the change occurred . A report by mail is timely when the postmark date is within the same 10-day period.  Recipients and payees may report in writing, by telephone, or in person. They may use Form SSA-8150-EV (Reporting Events, SSI) to report in writing. The Change is reported to your local Social Security office . For the Medicaid programs administered through the Department of Children and Families in Florida, the time to report is within 10 d