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Compensating and reimbursing family members

This post is an update to our previous post regarding travel for family members. Recent changes in Social Security policy have forced us to change our policies and procedures regarding compensating and reimbursing family members.   On May 17, 2012 the Social Security Administration published a change to the POMS (Social Security Manual) regarding Trusts.   Please see SI 01120.201 F.2.     You will see that Example 1 outlines what expenses will be allowed for sole benefit trusts.   Travel for family members is often paid from a Special Needs Trust.   Now, the Social Security Administration will not allow for payment of travel for family members to come and visit the beneficiary. We are still able to continue to pay for a beneficiary to personally travel and take vacation. We can, however, continue to compensate or reimburse a family member who provides services to the beneficiary; at least presently.   The Social Security Administration has hinted they may soon challenge t

Travis D. Finchum to speak at City of Clearwater event

Monday, September 17, 2012, Travis D. Finchum, one of our Co-Trustees, will speak to City of Clearwater families regarding Special Needs Trusts. Travis will discuss how to protect loved ones with special needs when parents are gone. Special Needs Trusts can shelter an inheritance to allow the funds to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Discussion will include information on how to maximize federal programs such as Social Security and Medicaid while protecting loved ones. For more information regarding the event, click here .