Reimbursing a third party is no longer a problem for SSI beneficiaries

We have some good news for beneficiaries who are receiving SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefits!  We previously notified our clients that we would not be able to reimburse anyone who pays for "anything" for a person receiving SSI as it is considered as in-kind income (not In Kind Support and Maintenance) to the beneficiary.

There has been a recent addition to the POMS, the Social Security Administration’s Manual, specifically stating that “reimbursements made from the trust to a third party for funds expended on behalf of the trust beneficiary are not income.”  This is good news as we now have an additional avenue for clients to access their funds. 
Please reference Section SI 01120.200E of the POMS for more information.
As a reminder, the additional ways that trust funds can be accessed is by sending in the bill or invoice to be paid directly, or, by making purchases on a credit card and submitting the credit card statement and receipts and we will pay the credit card company directly.
Should you have any questions regarding the recent change or any other questions, please contact our office.


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